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1002304 - Industrial Engineer -MC1356 (69141) May 3, 2013
Toledo , OH 43608  
Plans and oversees layout of equipment, office and production facilities. Conducts studies in operations to maximize work flow and spatial utilization. Ensures facility efficiency and workplace safety. Responsibility for direct/indirect labor and activities affecting manpower line speed, cycle checks, scrolls, workstation assignments, change control and line balance. Must also utilize lean concepts to identify/eliminate waste and perform time/motion studies. Will support WCM Pillars.

Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering is required. Advance degree preferred. (2) years experience in Industrial Engineering required. Experience in a high-volume manufacturing is preferred. Must have the ability to analyze operations and waste (losses) using lean manufacturing principles. Certification in MODAPTS is highly desirable. Knowledge of WCM preferred. Must be a self-starter and have the ability to work with all levels of union and management. Proficiency in Microsoft office applications is required.
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July 29, 2015