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Systems Engineering Practitioner
REBROADCASTED ON 3/1/2013 RRS/ITI---The Global Fulfillment Implementation (GFI) Department is responsible for the portfolio of products and services offered by the Ford Data Centers and Distributed Sites GFI is responsible for coordinating the life cycle of a server (implementation upgrades decommission and asset tracking) GFI is the primary interface between various ITO Service Delivery Teams responsible for hardware implementation projects that come through the Global Fulfillment Planning Team These projects provide the infrastructure that support the initiatives of all organizations throughout Ford Motor Company GFI responsibilities include the coordination and facilitation of installation and configuration of all Server hardware components at the Dearborn Data Centers and Distributed sites This will encompass typical server infrastructure requirements (cabinet preparation network connections storage) software installation/configuration (operating system database web) support enrollment and backup scheduling GFI monitors project status and acts as the primary interface to coordinate efforts across ITO Build Teams GFI participates in the planning and the implementation of hardware capacity upgrade initiatives with the Network Storage and Facilities Teams GFI coordinates the installation relocation and removal of hardware at both Data Center and Distributed sites worldwide GFI is responsible for ensuring that server assets are accurately tracked using Ford s Corporate Asset Management System This position will give the candidate the opportunity to work with and gain exposure to a wide variety of ITO teams They will interface with Vendors Facilities Network Backup and Storage Teams Operating System and Database Administrators and Solution Engineers
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May 29, 2016