CBSI's Environmental Management System:

     At CBSI, we believe in reducing our carbon foot print by reducing our use of energy resources directly or indirectly

thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions at every step of our day to day business. We do this by taking fundamental

and commonsense oriented approach by recognizing the fact that it has to start with each individual of the organization.

We start this by educating and encouraging our employees and vendors to commit themselves to the cause of reducing

greenhouse gas emissions.

Our basic objective is:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our day to day life as individuals and corporate citizens.

To achieve the above objective, we encourage all employees and vendor partners to follow basic principles;

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle while using all resources at work and home.

     a. Reduce;

          i. Reduce use of electricity and natural gas directly in transportation, cooling/heating, cooking and use of various

energy using devices in our lives starting with computers by planning your activities appropriately.

          ii. Reduce use of gasoline/petrol/diesel/natural gas indirectly by using shared or public transportation.

          iii. Reduce use of resources that are known to use more energy to produce or better yet, find alternatives.

     b. Reuse;

          i. Reuse all resources that you can think of. Essentially think before you throw.

          ii. Reuse by giving it to someone else who can use the resource effectively. Please pass it on in good used


          iii. Repair and extend life of goods.

     c. Recycle;

          i. If you must throw a resource, please find a way recycle first.

          ii. Check with community resources to find best way to recycle.

2. Spread the word to reduce, reuse and recycle to others in the community.

Together we can make a difference by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and being good corporate citizens and

leave the earth in a better shape to our future generations.

Please spend few moments and take a brief survey (link below), to self-assess and to assess collectively the difference we

are making and could make in the future.

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